Ricky Dean Logan

I had the pleasure of shooting Actor Ricky Dean Logan recently and I have to say my camera came across one of the most talented actors I have ever met!

When I pulled up into his driveway for the shoot, there was a homeless man going through their garbage,  I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable so I sat in my car and waited for him to finish before I got out.  As I was observing him in my rearview mirror, I noticed he started to walk off in a stagger,  as I’m watching him I am thinking – oh my God that looks like Ricky – my client! Oh no – I think he is drunk…I can’t do this…a minute passes and I am starting to get out of the car when I see Tamarah, Ricky’s wife, come out of their house very chipper , saying hi, have you seen Ricky? … my mouth was ajar ready to say something like, is everything ok …I can come back another time, only for her to yell out Ricky’s name,  before I had a chance. Who comes walking back down the side walk  – Ricky! He could see me struggling with how to handle this, and then cracked a little smile. At that moment I realized he was in full character for our first shots. I could not stop laughing and still laugh when I think about it now! He sure had me going.  It was awesome –  I knew it was going to be a great shoot!