Very exciting weekend! With the help of Christina and Ronnie Sanchez along with my favorite husband/subject and of course little Dalila (another favorite subject), I set up my studio this weekend! It was a big deal because it has been something I have wanted to do for years and do I have any regrets for not doing it sooner…not one! In my life everything has happened when it is supposed to and this was the perfect time to set it up ~and to be  surrounded by dear friends as it happened ` awesome ‘ ! I will always have the memory of you being there in my heart forever. It’s actually kind of simple – but it is huge on the dream come true scale! These are the first photos I took that day! Thanks for being such a good sport Major Fitness!

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood received an honorable award for Tolerance in Century City California. Clint was surrounded by many friends and colleagues. The fabulous event was produced by the fabulous Lauren Song, CEO of Pearl Events,! It was an amazing event.

Lauren and famed Guests enjoy the evening.

The Gorgeous Adrienne Maloof  – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills attends Clint Eastwood’s Special Evening

Arnold and Rabbi’s enjoy the evenings festivities.
Hero’s Star James Lee shows his support of  Clint’s award.

Ricky Dean Logan

I had the pleasure of shooting Actor Ricky Dean Logan recently and I have to say my camera came across one of the most talented actors I have ever met!

When I pulled up into his driveway for the shoot, there was a homeless man going through their garbage,  I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable so I sat in my car and waited for him to finish before I got out.  As I was observing him in my rearview mirror, I noticed he started to walk off in a stagger,  as I’m watching him I am thinking – oh my God that looks like Ricky – my client! Oh no – I think he is drunk…I can’t do this…a minute passes and I am starting to get out of the car when I see Tamarah, Ricky’s wife, come out of their house very chipper , saying hi, have you seen Ricky? … my mouth was ajar ready to say something like, is everything ok …I can come back another time, only for her to yell out Ricky’s name,  before I had a chance. Who comes walking back down the side walk  – Ricky! He could see me struggling with how to handle this, and then cracked a little smile. At that moment I realized he was in full character for our first shots. I could not stop laughing and still laugh when I think about it now! He sure had me going.  It was awesome –  I knew it was going to be a great shoot!