Red Rock

So while in Las Vegas, Nevada over New Year’s, I talked my dear friend, also named Marcella, and my husband on going on an adventure to Red Rock Canyon ~ which is beautiful to see btw! Of course I had my camera and ulterior motives, as an impromptu photo shoot was bound to happen! All is good, everyone is being a good sport, even got my Favorite Subject to show us his muscles, when suddenly I hear behind me a voice saying “no – no honey wait until he is finished.” I turned around to find a mom, smiling at me, saying her little daughter would like to give him …the model at hand…a slice of her orange. I replied with a polite, yet slightly suspicious tone,  Ohhh “she” would…why of course that’ so sweet (lol)!!  The little girl was darling –  we all smiled  and gave thanks and then mom announced, loud enough for “all”  to hear (if you know what I mean),  “Oh ‘she’  knows a good looking guy when ‘she’ sees one” and then of course I replied in my,  just as I suspected tone – “She” sure does”!  LOL!  On with my shoot people! You and the cute kid with the orange slices move on! Never a dull moment! I can’t wait to see what our story will be when I take your pictures!

New York

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This shoot took place on a beautiful winter day in Central Park! The leaves were a perfect bright contrast! Fun in New York City!

Loved the view of these two tall skyscrapers!

What would a day in Central Park be without taking time feeding the Ducks!

All aboard!

Every shoot I do, I treasure the memories of the experience, and this shoot of  Jessica Roame, a breath taking beauty I might add, was no exception! At the invitation of a truly amazing friend, photographer, and mentor  Christina Sanchez  – I couldn’t wait to be a part of this shoot! Shooting amongst vintage trains,  you can’t help but  feel the glamour  behind the 1930’s and 40s travel by railroad. Of course, what would a shoot be without some fun and laughter – which this time came in the form of us sitting in one of the cars, in awe at first,  only to soon be followed by …..aaaaa  did you guys hear that? What was that sound (it really was creaking creaking) lol followed by did we make it move or did it move by itself!! Hilarious! After scaring ourselves for awhile, it was time to focus on the dream at hand, capturing Jessica in, if you will, the “spirit” of the era!

 Jessica is a beauty inside and out and it will come as no surprise, she competes in many Vintage Era contests and  has won many!

xo marcellagracephotography