Saint a Week ~ a journey of love and spiritual connection.

As a child my mom encouraged us to learn many new things and to take classes in dance and arts and craft. One of my favorite memories was going to the local museum in Roswell, New Mexico and being given a large pad of paper and a few pieces of charcoal to draw with. It was magical to me, my brother was outstanding at it and went on to draw and enter his work into the state fair to win first place ribbons! I remember being in awe of those ribbons, proud and wondrous was I!

I continued to draw here and there but not often, though always had the desire. Recently I was so please to find that Lacma has an art program on Saturdays that I recently signed up for and love! I have learned so much from our teacher and many of the talented artists in the class. It is at the encouragement of one of them, Lisa ,who is a great artist, that I share my Saint a Week series through my blog. I just started this a week ago as my Lent commitment, and it imperfect because when I draw I feel a closeness to God that I really enjoy. I am always drawn to religious art to study and learn from. I have found that as I draw these saints I am learning about their history and mark in time. Art has helped my photography to improve greatly over time! I am grateful for the opportunity to experience both.

The saints I am sketching are based on other artists, many of them masters from the 1600’s who were amazingly talented! It is an honor to even attempt to try to draw their work! I feel a closeness to them as well as I study what they created and am in awe of it all.

My first saint is Saint Isabel de Flores also known as St. Rose of Lima. She was born in 1586 and when was 3 month old, a vision of a rose appeared above her, witnessed by here mother and several other women, it gently touched her cheek and then disappeared. Young Isabel passed away at the age of 31, she was amazing as she spent her young adult years taking in people from her community who were poor or ill and caring for them in her home. She was beatified in 1668.