Red Rock

So while in Las Vegas, Nevada over New Year’s, I talked my dear friend, also named Marcella, and my husband on going on an adventure to Red Rock Canyon ~ which is beautiful to see btw! Of course I had my camera and ulterior motives, as an impromptu photo shoot was bound to happen! All is good, everyone is being a good sport, even got my Favorite Subject to show us his muscles, when suddenly I hear behind me a voice saying “no – no honey wait until he is finished.” I turned around to find a mom, smiling at me, saying her little daughter would like to give him …the model at hand…a slice of her orange. I replied with a polite, yet slightly suspicious tone,  Ohhh “she” would…why of course that’ so sweet (lol)!!  The little girl was darling –  we all smiled  and gave thanks and then mom announced, loud enough for “all”  to hear (if you know what I mean),  “Oh ‘she’  knows a good looking guy when ‘she’ sees one” and then of course I replied in my,  just as I suspected tone – “She” sure does”!  LOL!  On with my shoot people! You and the cute kid with the orange slices move on! Never a dull moment! I can’t wait to see what our story will be when I take your pictures!